Q2 cleaning & disinfection systems bring you cleaning methodology in line with up to date best practise.

The Q2 principle is based on satellite cleaning points situated throughout production areas from which operators can foam & rinse with low & medium pressure water and apply disinfectant, all through one hose.

  • Accurate dosage

    Safer food for Customer peace of mind

  • Safe

    Best practice to protect the operator

  • Reliable components

    Minimise breakdowns - save money and hassle

  • Accurate water usage

    A better, efficient clean to minimize costs

  • Minimal Electricity consumption

    Efficient systems for reduced environmental impact


Low energy water power to maximise your cleaning performance and minimise your costs


Precision dilution and distribution of chemicals safely, accurately and efficiently to the point of use


The quick, easy solution to get you cleaning correctly by drawing chemicals in accurately at the point of use.


Hoses, reels, nozzles & spray bar systems to compliment your system and maximise its effectiveness.

System Selector

System Selector

Design a Q2 System for your factory.

View the various Q2 components and how they fit into one complete efficient system.